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Thread: 4x4 to awd conversion???

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    Originally posted by goindiffrent
    I gotta question about the conversion too. I read somewhere here, nd I think its in the truck book, that you shouldnt drive over about 45 in $x4. How would converting the truck to AWD effect the front driveline? Obviosly I am going to be driving over 45, but I wouldnt want to trash the front axle out either. Any input on this?
    The 4x4 transfer case is designed to be used off road for max
    traction with torque distribution near 50/50.
    On the other hand the AWD case is designed to run full time
    for max traction on the street with torque distribution at
    40/60. The only differences in the front differentials is that
    the 4x4 differental has a vacuum actuated lock in lock out function that is not present in the AWD differential.
    The input flanges and drive shafts are different from the 4x4 to the AWD.

    To answer your question:
    As long as the same gear ratio is used in the front and back
    and the same tire size is used you will be ok.

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