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Thread: need info on V8 swap

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    so if I do decide to get an old rebuilt 4.3, will I have to change my tranny? what about the fuel injection conversion, how would I come about doing that?
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    Unhappy $500.00?

    $500.00 sounds steep. Is it new? what kind of heads does it have? I would run the #'s (Located on the top back driver side{firewall}) first you can do this at :

    You can also get the head #'s there. (located under valve cover between rocker arms.)

    This will tell you what year,and if it is truely a "350", plus alot more info on some blocks and heads.

    Start there. I didn't even look to see the date you posted this.
    But I'm sure it will be use to someone!

    You can get a used Turbo Hydromatic 350 trans. from a junkyard for around $150.00 I would recomend the 400 with a shift kit (because thats what I have in my 1988 S-10 Blazer.)
    Good luck!

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    put wanted ads in newspaper etc
    because i got a 350 with a turbo 400 runs great $50
    in about 2 weeks and a stock rebuild is only $200canadian
    now thats cheap good luck in finding an engine
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