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    I've got a 83 S-10 Blaze, 2wd. im going to use a 5 inch beltech drop in front (2"spindles, 3"springs yadda yadda) but in the rear, how low can i go without making any mods? i can get a 5/5 beltech kit with the leafs and 2 inch blocks, but i've seen or atleast heard of 5/6 drops with 3 inch blocks. can i drop it 6 without adding notchs or cutting? and if i can, what shims should i use? 4 degree? 6 degree?:confused: :confused: :confused:

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    my blazer is a 5/5 drop. With the 2 inch blocks and 3 inch leafs, its stiff in the back.. 5 is probably the most you want to go in the rear. Ive never driven on a 6 but i could just imagine what its like, and with a 6 you'll most likely need a notch.
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    To maintain a "stock" ride quality you should add a bolt-up C-notch that gives you 2-3 extra inches of movement. I dropped the rear of my blazer 6" and it sat on the stock bumpstops. I guess you could put in some pancake bumpstops and have a little bit of ride. You can the c-notch from AIM for $89.
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    Hay LOW! you said you have a 5/5 drop but your pic... well it looks like its squwating. Is it look like that all the time? Is it the pic? OR IS IT JUST ME:rolleyes: ? Just kinda wondered about that.
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