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Thread: Not sure if this is the right forum or not...

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    Originally posted by 87_355_Blazer
    That's not offtopic at all man. See, that's really the project vehicle there. If I can ever get the Blazer sorted out, then maybe I can get back on the Nova :)

    Here: Nova Site

    Not very far along at this point...

    -- Brad
    I like that engine hoist that you used to pull the motor. Every man needs one of those(makes a mental note to put that on my Christmas list for One of these days, I'll stop working on my s-series and start back on my 68 Chevy II Nova. I'm in the process of building a sandblasting box for bigger parts. I have a sandblaster but it will only house small parts. The one I'm building now will house anything on a muscle car except a hood. The first picture(at my buddys shop) is doing the body and the second picture(my shop) is after I painted it. The hood and passenger side fender is now done(finally got it wet sanded and buffed and installed). I don't have a picture with the whole dog house installed yet. By the way.....its a frame up restoration, not just a paint job.

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    "Gotta use the proper tool for the job" that's what I always say. I have some BFHs that haven't gotten in any pics yet either ;)

    Get busy on that nova man, it's looking good. Wish mine was as far along.

    -- Brad

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