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    MY neighbor had this old pontiac he was totalling. Thing was a mess. Anyway, I ripped the horns out, because I need new ones, and I was down by the fender, and I saw it. This vacuum accumulator, about 3 times the size as mine. I took it!
    Delco-remy part, took off my stock tiny one (thinkin baseball..) and put in this cantelope, layed it down near the abs pump because it wouldnt attach to my hood, and close. It fits perfectly.
    The point...
    Is there any problem with having too much vacuum?

    I hate my truck.

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    Crazy C
    im having a problem with this too i flooded my vacuum canister and i need a new one could i just take one out of another car and pop it back instead of bying a new one??

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    Crazy C
    i looked into getting a new "performance" canister but it has all these hose fittings and connections but i have a little tube that connected to my old one can some one explain whats goin on here?

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