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Thread: Bottom end mods while shes out

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    Originally posted by BEDAN77

    What should i do to 'work her in' ? can i just romp on her soon after shes in, i know new cars need to be broken in...

    im just gonna use my same ignition wires that i have and all, gonna buy new spark plugs..Bosche Platinum +4's sound good?
    Well heres my asshole "everyones got one" theory.

    The piston and rings wear the bore forming a ridge in the top of the cylinder. The piston actually travels a little bit further when accelerating hard and the ridge actually smacks the top ring. Thats why when junior gets grandmas car and 10,000 miles later its motor is wounded. The ridge gets established at a lower point in the cylinder than a car thats been driven harder. So when junior beats on the motor the ridge starts knocking the ring out. I just figure that during breakin this ridge is starting to get established and I want it as high as possible in the bore so when the bearings start wearing (which causes further piston travelin the bore) the motor might last longer.

    I try to keep the RPM's varied across the entire useable band for the first 20 miles by constantly accelerating at 3/4 throttle throught the gears then slowing down and accelerating again, occasionally laying right into it. This also helps keep the cam well lubricated. but thats less important with roller cams.

    The worst thing you can do is build a motor then go on a road trip, as the motor breaks in at one rpm. This may not be as important as in the past with some of the new ring technology available today but accelerating is more fun anyways.

    I drop the oil at 50 miles and again at 1000, then drive the hell out of it and watch it.

    I'm also running Synthetic 5W50 in all my toys, but they were broke in on regular oil.

    make sure you've got a magnetic oil drain plug!

    I run AC delco spark plugs

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    I saw these Denso Irridium plugs. they claim to be better than platinum plugs. yea it would make sense to 'really' break in a motor instead of just babying the motor, get her worked in at all rpms.

    $3000 O.B.O

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