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Thread: Will this free up some power

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    Question Will this free up some power

    Hey, I'm looking for some really cheap, actually, next to free performance additives. What I am thinking about is removing the A/C. Now, is it possible just to get a new belt and just disconnect the A/C until I have the time to actually remove it?

    Also, With the fan. I was thinking of removing that and trying to rig an electrical fan off an 86 Camaro w/305. Just wire it to the battery and a switch inside. Either that, or just get one of those flex fans.
    Would that actually free up some power? Would I noticed a difference?
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    Cool As long as the AC isn't on...

    the clutch is disengaged and it free wheels, so it really doesn't cause enough drag to make a difference when not running. The weight of the entire unit might make a tiny, tiny difference, but again I don't think you'd notice unless you were to do other major weight reduction. On the other hand using an electric fan in place of the OEM clutch fan does free up some HP. Most estimates are between 7-12HP (at the flywheel). You really aren't going to be able to produce much FREE/CHEAP HP. Plain and simple, "Speed cost money!" It just depends on how much you want to spend. For small but actual performance gains the fan is fine, but not cheap either. Start with intake, exhaust, ignition, pullies, fan, gears and other such bolt-ons to get "maybe" a total of 15-25HP increase at the wheels. You really aren't going to get noticable gains until you spend money on goodies like headwork, cams, roller rockers, nitrous, superchargers and such.
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    yeah go ahead and switch to elec fan b/c it will free up some hp. very little bit . it a good thing. but just remember to turn the fan on. if you don't it could heat up. thats not a good thing.

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