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Thread: Thermostat Question

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    Thermostat Question

    I am getting my 160 degree powerstat from Hypertech in a day or so, they had to drop ship it. I was wondering, how hard it is to put in the thermostat and how I would go about doing it. I am clueless on this one, so I was wondering if someone could give me some insight. Thanks.

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    its easy just takes a little bit of time. First you need to take off you air intake if you have a CPI engine to get it out of the way. Now take off the top half of the fan shroud and unbolt and remove the clutch fan. The water pump is what the fan is conected to. Now you need to remove the water pump. you will see in the water pump the original therm. Remove it and place everything back on in opposite order. Dont be afraid of the engine, just pay attention to what you are doing and learn and have fun. its a piece of cake!
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    if you are careful you shouldnt have that big of a prob

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