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Thread: ...and so it begins...

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    the 89 tbi is a 700r. It is not electronic. ANd it will look different inside versus your trans on your blazer. I rewired my 700r to work without the computer and it had two pressure switches and like 3 wires inside, thats it. Oh and a lil fluid thing (cant remember what its called) BUt if you have the stock trans, computer, harness, and engine. I would just suggest putting that all back in and not try to put your stock s10 tranny in it. IN the long run you will be happier and have more cash in your wallet. STand along computers for the 4l60e start at around 700 dollars

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    Looks exactly like my 89 700R4

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    Originally posted by Paraquat
    I had hoped to use my stock 4l60e

    You still can. Look at the stuff that JET has for the 4L60E.

    Originally posted by Blazin Low

    I hope he has an epileptic fit while holding that chainsaw and takes himself and his boyfriend out.

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