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Thread: Spindle Installation

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    Unhappy Spindle Installation

    does anyone have a tech article or mind explaing to me how to put on spindles. I have never done this so i would like detailed explanation if possible.


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    Yea, i can give you a list of what you have to do. Im assuming this is 2wd lowereing

    1) Remove Wheel
    2) Remove Calipers
    3) Remove Cab on hub with screwdriver
    4) Remove Cotter Pin
    5) Undo large bolt
    6) Remove Rotor
    7) 3 bolts to remove the cover thing off the spindle
    8) Remove End Links (This attaches sway bar to spindle)
    9) Remove Cotter Pins on upper and lower balljoints nuts (back of spindle)
    10) Loosen balljoint nuts a few turns to get about 1/4 gap, dont take the nut off all the way.
    11) Using a ball joint splitter, seperate the upper and lower, the bolt you left on will catch it when it splits.
    12) But a jack under the lower control arm. Remove lower ball joint nut.
    13) SLOWLY REMOVE JACK, control arm will lower. Remove coil spring
    14) Remove upper ball joint nut, remove spindle.

    There, i think thats it!! How'd I do guys, from memory...:cool:
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    13) SLOWLY REMOVE JACK, control arm will lower. Remove coil spring
    This is very important because if you are not careful and you reach your arms under ther and the spning finally springs WIDE OPEN and it catches a finger,hand, or arm... IT HURTS and your Day project will last much longer when your gimping arount. TRUST ME. TAKE YOUR TIME.

    If you have a floor jack, I sugjest not totaly removing it but letting it lower just enough to pull your spindal off. another tip is the tool you use to separate ball joint from Spindal(as BlazingLow stated) a balljoint splitter(looks like a short tuning fork) which you can get for FREE at AUTOZONE. pay $40 take it home,keep receipt, bring back get $40 back.
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