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    Performance Info.

    I found this on the internet. It looks decent enough to post.

    How to get more power from a 4.3L

    First, the place to get your performance parts is hands down
    Summit Racing.

    Here are some basic mods you can do to gain more power and
    performance, and why.

    Basic Mods
    Cat back exhaust - $200 & up - Replacing your stock exhaust with
    less restrictive and more free flowing exhaust will gain you some power.
    The theory behind this is more air in and more exhaust out will generate
    more power than any other single modification.
    Headers - $100 & up - The best system out right now for the 4.3 is from
    Edelbrock, there TES setup goes from the block to the cat. The factory
    exhaust manifolds are restrictive, and the biggest punch for the buck
    comes from installing headers!
    High flow converter - $100 & up - Once again, more flow!
    160/180 Thermastat - $10 bucks - This not only allows your engine to run
    cooler, but also fakes out the ECM into running a richer mix.
    Underdrive pullies - $75 & up - Not on the top of my list, but does yield
    more power by reducing the amount of power spent on turning the
    accessroies, that means more power avaliable to go to the wheels.
    K&N air filter - $30 & up - Bar none, the absolute best air filter on
    the market! Indipendent bench flow studies prove the K&N flows more air
    even when dirty than any other made! Impressive! Forget AmsOil,
    Fram, Edelbrock and the likes, if its not K&N its not flowing the max amount
    of air. And to boot, its got a lifetime warrenty, just wash and re-install.

    More Advanced Mods
    Edelbrock Intake Manifold w/chip - $225+ - Compliments the Edelbrock
    cam nicely, smother flowing and taller stack. Its part number is: edl-3713
    Edelbrock Performer cam - $240+ - The brains of any engine, this cam is
    sure to boost power and torque. This cam and the above intake are designed
    for a match, best performance increase will come from the pair. Its part number is edl-3714
    Roller-Rockers - $175 & up - Even cheap stamped roller tips will give some
    power, but why not go full roller with needle fulcrum if your going to spend
    the dough? Roller rockers will reduce internal friction add yield more power.
    Ignition system - $360 & up - The stock HEI ignition delivers a healty punch, but
    for full burns and sparkier ignition may be the key! MSD and Accell, not to
    mention Jacobs makes some very nice units.
    T.B.I. spacer - $75+ - If you already have the above Edelbrock intake, skip this.
    The edl-3713 already has lift built in. This is a trick many use to increase performance,
    but the gains are minimal and reduce bottom end torque some, so its hard to
    justify the price of the mod for the performance you may gain.
    Fuel pressure regulator - $65+ - Bumping your fule pressure up a pound or two
    may prove to add more power, as its getting a bit more fuel. I have seen
    where the exisiting regualtor can be modified, but may be best to just replace it.
    Auto tranny shift kit - $ 25 & up - Even the B&M cheap valve body setup will give
    better shift and performance. The next step up is a full shift kit from B&M
    or TransGo. However the timid should not attempt a full shift kit.
    Shift kits will also add life to your transmission by reducing the overlap.

    Most Advanced Mods
    This is where you go once you have done the above and are still not satisfied.
    Headwork - $300 & up - Having your heads re-worked such as a port and
    polish job will get the mix in smother and the exhaust out faster! If done right,
    some major power gains can be had with some good head work.
    Other things worth mentioning are rebuilding the block with performance parts,
    such as higher compression Keith Black pistons, port match the intake, new
    throttle body such as the Holley, new valves & springs, lighter connecting
    rods, 1.6:1 full roller aluminum rockers and replace stock fan with full electric.

    Small Block Swap
    When the above upgrades still leave you thirsty for more power, its time to
    do a V-8 swap. Bear in mind, think about what you want before you start any
    project. By the time you do all the 4.3 mods to get her twisting more power, you
    could have swaped for a SB and still saved lots of time and money, and even
    a bone stock 305 or 350 will out-scoot a built or semi-built 4.3 any time, any day.

    You can swap in A TBI 350 or 305 out of a fullsize truck by buying just a few parts...
    Motor mounts - $80+ - Check Summit and JTR
    Computer - $100+ - If you get a boneyard engine, get the ECM too!
    Oil pan - $200+ - JTR, but if you have SFA you wont need this
    Radiator - $200+ - May not be necessary, but budget it in anyway
    Fans - $45-250+ - The stock fan may not be enough, prepare for more air
    84 Camaro exhaust manifold - $50+ - Needed to hook up the exhaust
    Oil filter adapter - $20+ - May not be necessary, budget it in
    Engine, any Trottle Body Injected 305/5.0 - 350/5.7 from the years of 86 through 93...

    If the bone stock V-8 still doesnt satisfy the hunger for tire screaming power, dont
    worry... The good folks at Summit can hook you up with any performance parts you
    need to get the most power from the world's most recognized powerplant, the
    Chevy small block V-8!
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    Thumbs up VERY NICE POST

    Thx for the info 8mpg, I really needed it, Im decising now if I should swap the 4.3 to a V8 (will have to wait until february or later) or keep on adding more hp to the 4.3. Maybe ill get a express 1 day ticket to Miami to buy the msd 6A ignition, B&M shift electronic improver, and the headers. Cant bring the NOS here to Venezuela by air (HAHAHAHHAHA whit the bottle it looks like a bomb!), but a import shop (lol again) its offering me it for like 600$, I think its the best price Ive found.

    Oh I really need your help for this, where I can find front slotted disc rotors for a blazer93-94? (old box style) 4x2 whit ABS. I really need more stopping power oh and not so expensive.


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