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Thread: 11 lb solenoids for doors?

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    11 lb solenoids for doors?

    whats up, i got this mr gasket kit for xmas but i dont think the 11 lb solenoids would oopen my doors. what do you guys think i think the 35's would be alot better especially if i go to the car wash or something and it has to pull the latch away from some moisture or ice. So you think i should switch it up for that SPAL kit? i dont need the remote or anything coz ill hook it up through my alarm buttons.

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    I use 15# solenoids on the little import trucks...mazda, toyotas...they don't take much to pull a latch. S-10's have pretty heavy latches though, I wouldn't use anything less than a 35 on a daily driver....I'd ditch the 11..sell it to a ricer or
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    I have 35 lbers, but what would happen if you used some Aftermarket bear claw latches or something, that way you could probobly use the lower rated solenoids, no?

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    Yeah I would say get the 35 lb at least. Chevy doors period are heavy to open, as well as the latch, the more lbs, the better your door will open, and if you got 50lb they should open nice to better reach yur hand and open the rest. Good luck

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