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Thread: oil cooler

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    oil cooler

    i have an 89 GMC Jimmy S-15 2wd, i have put in a SB 350, dynod at 325hp, when i baught the rig it had an oil cooler ( dunno if its stock ), was wondering if it would be a good idea to keep it, mainly wondering for the fact of it affecting fan space infront of the radiator. also, for a good raditor is there a 3core that will fit that is for an automatic? or will i have to get a seperate tranny cooler.

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    I sugjest getting a 1988 monte carlo SS radiator. Thats what Blazinlow has, thats also the most inexpensive radiator that i know works. It's what I think i'm getting for my swap in a couple days. I'm not absolutly sure on that the Tranny cooler is on the pass. side or not. I's a chevy radiator so I'm sure it will.

    buy they way, Blazinlow and All, I'm paying under 100, somthing like 89 for that radiator. dose that sound good?
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