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Thread: Rear Suspension

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    Originally posted by BigMan933
    those r the excact same things i made. except with a few extra holes in the bracket for alittle more adjustablity. i put an extra set of holes in the spring brackets 1" lower cause i figured it would give me more leverage. and i dont think i need thr rubber in them cause you can set the pre-load on them.
    the rubber is what holds the preload and lets it give a little so its not a violent jolt on your suspension when you launch

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    im good friends with SBCpwrd and his sit about 2-3 inchs from the ground and the only problem that he has had so far that i know about is his scrapped on a big speed bump but he also had two fairly large guys in the back at that time, so that didnt help.
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    yeah ive only scraped them once. the front mount is the lowest point it is roughly 4 inches off the ground. that's with belltech 3in lowering leafs. And i do not see how you could ride with a set w/o the rubber or some sort of absorbant. I slide them together before i put them on, both with the polyurethane bushing and with out and you can really tell is absorbs a lot of the shock and especial if you are using them on the street with out all the preload. I had to make my own shock mounts. i went through the books are the parts store for a stiffer shock for my drop and competition engineering said to push the bushing out of the shock and use a general spring mount that they supplied but as i looked the mount was loose with the bushing in and would be looser if i pressed it out, so we got a bolt, taped the shock mount hole, ran a nut down and locked a bolt on there and theres been no problems since. i would recommend them to anyone.

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