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    Could someone just tell me what drop kit I should get so the tire lays flush with the fender flare? I have a set of 20" Limited 480's. They are some deep-dish rims.:eek: They just won't look good with the stock height. The only information I need is:

    * What drop kit
    * How much it will cost me to buy them
    * How much it will cost to install
    * What to expect from modification

    Thanks again.
    -Christopher :ugh:

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    You search here or look around the posts?? :confused:

    You have any pics of the rims on the truck?? It's usually easier to look at it than guess how much higher from the rims you are. Measure each corner, top of tire to the edge of the wheel well flare.

    What is it?? 3" or so. If it's an X, like your sig, then probably 2" drop spindles and 2" drop blocks from Belltech. You're looking at 2 bills total shipped from

    Cost to install. No more than $300 at MOST!!! OR do it yourself, not that hard.

    Expect it to be 2" lower than it is now, and the ride may be the same, may be a little worse. You may have to trim the bumpstops out back a little.


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