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Thread: belltech drop kit

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    belltech drop kit

    i was wondering something..lets say i bought the belltech drop kit. it lowers it like 3 inches. once i have that installed can i go lower by ajustin the torsion bar bolts. will that work?? i think belltech gives you a new torision key or something.

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    The bell tech kit allows you to lower it 1-4 inches (adjustable). If you want 5-6 inches, you will have to do my torsion bar trick.
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    I've noticed a few places that sell the belltech kit say it fits 82-94, i was wondering if it will work on my 98. I dont think chevrolet has changed the suspension on the trucks ever. Also would the rear ZQ8 springs fit on the rear of my blazer i found some in a junk yard an can get them cheap, that way it'll lower the wear 2"

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    the belletech kit won't work on later s-10s.

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