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Thread: $30 valves sucicide doors??

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    I dont see how a valve that leaks is a good valve? does anyone else? leak = fail......jason sells whatever he can sell, thats all. as far is the brackets go they are awesome but you can go wrong with 1/4" plate...other than that he buys what he can get cheap and resale.....i dont think he worries about the quality too much....or he would carry what he thought was best and thats it....right?
    Mike Mock

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    well the valves i use , i have used them for 2 years now and havent had to replace any all my friends i sold them theres and not one problem , there fast and reliable and i think i get them for around 35. each and i can get 3/4" for around 40.00 each.

    SMC's are nice but i have heard to may things bad about them.
    so i will stick with the ones that arer working for me.

    later all
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    what kind of valves are they and where do i get them
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