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Thread: !?!?! 2.8 carb. to 2.8 F.I.E !?!?!

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    !?!?! 2.8 carb. to 2.8 F.I.E !?!?!

    if i went from a (1985) 2.8 liter carb with a 5spd to a (1989)2.8 liter f.i.e auto. to a stick would i have to change anything like the computers or what .. give me info on this... and if its possible could i just change the flywheel and put the 5spd back on.?
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    lot's of work involved to go from carb to fuel injection. Wiring harness needs changed, have to add a fuel pump to the tank. The flywheel on the 85 is externally balanced and the 89 is internally balanced. The fly wheel has to match the motor.

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