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Thread: Belltech Key Install + Torsion Bar Trick?

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    Originally posted by Brettboom
    Bellteck keys and tire change gave me about a 7" drop. I hit my crossover if I'm not carefull.
    Don't include tire height when factoring how low it is. Measure how far the center of the axle has moved up towards the top of the wheel well. I had a guy try to tell me his Monte Carlo SS had a 3" drop. It was stock sitting on 13" spokes. He also said it had stepped up HP to do the burnouts it did. Nope, BS again.
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    why do either the belltech keys or flip stock keys?there is another way to go and it is free just takes a little time.and it's not hard if you take 4x4 out altogether I can't say if it will work if you want to keep 4x4.but without it work fine.

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    C-Town216 I know you should not include the tire size for some people, but you need to factor that in when you do a drop. That is also part of the change in height when you want to consider the way your car rides. Unless you like your factory tire slamming in to the wheel wells. Thats why when people ask I tell them of the suspension change and tire change. I agree just doing a tire change and that is it should not be called a drop, but together you have to consider all of the changes in to get everything to work right.

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