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    Originally posted by 8mpg
    And it passes smog tests?
    Not to sound obvius or anything. But if your gunna put a hemi in an S10, well... I think pasing smog tests is the last thing on your mind. Just think of the raw power you would get with a monster engine like that:rolleyes:
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    I have no idea if it passes smog. It's not actualy in a car so it probably doesn't have to. I watched a show on it on Speed Vision at work.
    Not that I even remotely plan on doing it, but do you guys think a 426 would fit in a s10 Blazer? Do they make mount conversions?
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    Well I know they stopped makeing it because it wasn't passing anything.

    And i saw a show that said that dodge was really anal about how they didnt want their motors going in other cars. So they actually made the motor mounts for the big blocks a pain in the ass.

    426 hemi, 440 they were just a bitch.

    I almost bought a 70 cuda with a built 440 tubbed rear end. It was the sweetest car I have ever seen. Does wheelies, and runs 11's Not that fast but I fell in love. That car was a beast :)
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    hey blazinblue

    what didi u get for 500$ for the motor... didi u start form the block and work up? what didi u do to the engine with that roughly 500$ u just got to let me know bro..... thanx.........................OB

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