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Thread: Does it matter what wire I use??

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    I don't use nothindg less than 4 gauge. If not two 4 gauge ran at the same time. 8 gauge should be only used on a single amp systems that the amp is rated at the max of 30 amps. Bigger is always better when it comes to WIRE.
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    8 guage is speaker wire ;)

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    i run 0 gauge from my optima yellow top to the back of my blazer to my two trojan group 31 batters, then 0 gauge to a distro block into two 4 gauges to two soundstream picasso 1400D, then 8 gauge from my amps to my sub, then 10gauge to wire the 4 pairs of coils, running about 3000watts rms to a resonant engineering XXX 18" subwoofer, takes up my whole back of my blazer, sits in a 6cu.ft. ported box, soon to be a 8cu.ft. box ported. and of course, the fuses, two 300amp fuses and also a 160amp alternator, now i kinda want more, kinda want to double all that
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    does power wire matter?

    Right now I kickin around 4400 watts with 2 gauge and as soon as I pull out my old carpet and fatmat every single inch of metal...I'm going run 0 gauge from the dash to the tailgate. and YES wiring a cap is not the item I love installing! check out audiobahn's 12 farad cap! (hello freddie krugger!) Bottom line...You are ALWAYS better off with thicker power than needed. the trick is to buy it by the roll NOT by the foot and it will cost you an arm a leg and a foot. A GREAT place for POWER and SPEAKER wire is they carry 8 gauge speaker and 0 gauge power BOTH by the roll! great quality & you won't go broke buying it!! Check this out!! how about a 200 amp alternator for 250 bucks!!!!
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    8 gauge can be used for a 500/1 the kicker board that we have at our work was wired up by our rep with 8 gauge to a 1000.1 and it runs just fine. there is an advantage to it. this is your system can only draw so much current through an 8 gauge wire which is about 60 amps so our board does not die yes it does get hot but not hot enough to do any damage to anything. but it is always good to go 4awg if not more. i have ran at least 2 runs of 0 in my car no matter the size of amp because then i dont have to go buy much more wire once i upgrade the amps. in my last vehicle i ran 4 runs of 1/0awg 2 positive and 2 negative directly to the battery. and big 3 upgrade it makes it less work down the road. dont have to remove any wire then put more it drill out the hole and yadayada yada

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    ok here we go
    just some notes from school "mobile dynamics"

    1-decide on how much voltage loss is allowed
    good quality=.75v "what i use"
    general purpose 1.0v
    2-devide by the total current draw on the wire
    3-divide the total in step 2 by the length
    4-compare this answer with the "Ohms per foot" column of chart

    R=V/I=R/feet=ohm's per foot

    0000 / .000049 / 500
    000 / .000062 / 410
    00 / .000078 / 300
    0 / .000098 / 245
    1 / .000124 / 210
    2 / .000156 / 180
    3 / .000197 / 155
    4 / .000249 / 135
    5 / .000313 / 115
    6 / .000395 / 100
    7 / .000498 / 88
    8 / .000628 / 75
    9 / .000792 / 67
    10 / .000999 / 56
    12 / .00159 / 40
    14 / .00253 / 32
    16 / .004 / 23
    18 / .00639 / 15

    i hope that help's some one:bigthumb:
    that is the industry standard

    but i over kill at least on the ground
    you can never go wrong that way
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