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Thread: HELP...I think its the cady converter???

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    HELP...I think its the cady converter???

    Heres the thing, when I go up a hill doesn't stall but I push the gas pettle and nothing happens. It just slows down to 0 mph. If I turn it off and back on it goes fine untill the next hill and the same thing happens.

    About a week ago me and my friend put a new fuil filter on. Could that be a problem?

    thanks guys!!!

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    Hmmm thats really odd... It doesnt sound like a mechanical problem because youd hear funny sounds from your motor and it would probably stall and not start again... I wonder what you could have done to make the engine stall when i goes up hill... Does it do it when it goes down a hill?? It has to be a problem with the motor not geting air or fuel... Air shouldnt be a problem for up or down but the fuel can... Maybe you put the fuel filter on backwards? They are marked with an arrow that says flow, be sure the arrow is pointing in the direction the flow is going... Well thats kinda logical but that is the only thing i can think of... I dont htink the cat would cause a problem like that. It would smell like eggs when it started if it was the cat... Maybe put your truck on jacks and have your friend watch around the fuel filter (heh just keep the truck in park!!!) , see if its leaking and make sure its on the right way...

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    well if you can stomp the gas and it be just fine if it kept runnen unless your gas tank was REALY low or maybe thiers something in your gas tank.
    thats the bad thing about all these computer controled pars...... it could be anything..... only way would be have a diagnostic done by a good mechanic..... my dealer SUXs!!!!

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