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Thread: camaro t-5 in second gen?

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    Smile camaro t-5 in second gen?

    I have a chance to get a newly rebuilt t-5 out of a 87 Iroc
    where does the shifter end up in the the cup holder on the console?
    Pics would help if anyone has any!

    I also has a new Hurst shifter!

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    With the T-56 6 speed it would end up in the cup holder... but putting that trans in that truck would be a hella lot of work. Might as well put a new V8 in there while youre at it... If if you want good shifts and im assuming your have an automatic trans, get a nice shift kit... I have a trans go one in my auto and when i power shift, man it shifts like a son of bitch... Then if im going 20mph and i throw it into first, it feels like i hit the brakes haha...


    Id really look into a shift kit if you want better shifts for an auto (still assuming you have an auto)
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