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Thread: running like crap

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    running like crap

    My truck is running like crap!!!
    I've got a 4 barrel stock carb c/w electric choke on my 305.
    My choke was screwed up and not opening all the way. So i drilled out the rivets and adjusted it so it basically stays open all the time. Well, the truck seems to run ok when just going down the street, but no matter when i try to step on it, it boggs down, sputters and shakes.
    It does this even after i've been driving it for awhile, so i can't see it being related to the choke. It was not doing this a week ago, so i am a bit lost as to why it is now.

    Any suggestions???

    I hope i provided enough information.

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    I would go ahead and just check the norm things. Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Plugs, Wires, make sure your belt is not loose, mabye try some carb cleaner, Airfilter

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    sounds like yer accelerator pump inside the carb isn't pumpin'

    If you have a Quadrajet they are known for that. With the turned motor off, mash the throttle and see if you get a nice squirt or if it dribbles.
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