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Thread: Rust Question?

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    Rust Question?

    I picked up some full power doors at the local U-Pull yard the other day. I got the doors, power mirrors, wires, and panels for $50 for the pair. They are in better shape than the factory 85 doors i have now. The question being is "how do I go about removing the rust from the bottom of the door seam?" I started grinding, and one place is rusted all the way through. I can take pic's if they would help.

    So should I;

    1- Just keep grinding untill all the rust is gone
    2- Cut out the bad places, grind the rest away, and reweld new

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the long post.

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    Try and grind as much as you can off but it will prolly be pitted, like little craters which is hard to get the rust out of those. Then if you have access to one sandblast the rest out. Then seam seal it. I assumed you were talking about on the inside of the door. You can do that or you can cut out the bad spots and weld some pieces in but its kind of a pain in that area. Hope that helps.

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    You can use naval jelly (a rust-reducing solvent) to loosen the surface stuff when you have ground the rust-through areas.
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    rust sux.

    hey i would cut it out really. just because if u dont and grind it all out well what u think is all out it will just start all over again... im in a collision repair class in Washington Missouri and i learned a lot about that shit cuz i have the same prob. with rust not a lot but enough to piss u off... but in the long run it would be better to just cut it out and grind around it and reweld a new piece of metal in... good luck
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