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    mini starter

    Anybody you these mini starters?Can i use a 168 tooth flexplate?

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    you can use one with a 168 tooth flexplate if it is made for both the 153 and 168 or just the 168 only.. check ebay for them thats where i got mine
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    I got the powermaster one from summit racing for like 150 bucks i think? I havent had one single problem with it and i have 10.0 comp... I had to no choice but to buy a mini starter cause the stock V8 starter had no chance of fitting... I remember crawling under the truck to put the starter on... Im like uhhhhhhhh FUCK THAT... If that stock one went bad, id have to pull the motor to replace it haha... Ordered a mini starter that day and when it came in, it slipped right into place, i have the stock fly wheel and im almost 100% its a 168... i think that starter works with 153s also if i remember right

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