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Thread: droppin a 4x4?

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    droppin a 4x4?

    does anyone know if the tbar trick would work on a 94
    suburban 4x4? i'm about to do it to my 93 blazer but i also want to do my wife's truck.
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    i dont ssee y not look under ur blazer then compare it to the surburban's setup if they look about the same id say give it a try and see wat it does but wen u let it down after u done id be careful cause if it goes really low u dont want ur body restin on the tires if u know wat i mean:smoker:
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    I see aftermarket kits for the big trucks every day in the mags. They are upper and lower control arms with correct length and balljoint angles on the tops for camber. The bottoms have the hexi torsion bar holes turned to lower when re-installed. It looks like they are set up for using air jacker bag/shock combos. Since these are available for Suburbans and Tahoes and other T bar big bowties, I'd buy 'em and know that it's done right, especially since it's for your wife (and kids?) I'd buy a kit if they made it for my '89 Jimmy but they just don't. The Belltech keys are a waist of time and money if you want a slammed truck. If you get all the bugs out of your Blazer and want to drop hers I'd go for it. Maybe flipped keys and flipped and swapped Left for Right uppers with the ball joints moved out on some fabbed up plates might be perfect for slamming the full sizers? I dunno? I just know that my wife is afraid to drive my Jimmy and gets pissed when I take my son in it because she feels like the DIY drop is not safe.Just some IMO FYI...

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