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Thread: is the trans overheating?

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    is the trans overheating?

    when the truck warms up. in between 180 and 210. the trans acts like i'm trying to power brake it. only when i put it in 1st gear manually. if i take it out of 1st and put in 2nd the truck drives ok. when it is cold it runs real good. i have the trans just hooked up to the trans cooler. should also put it throught the radiator too?

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    You have a th350 as far as my memory serves me, do you have the vacuum line hooked up?
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    Originally posted by S/T Lover
    You have a th350 as far as my memory serves me, do you have the vacuum line hooked up?
    If that vacuum line wasn't hooked up, he'd be posting about more than just this problem. HAHA I left mine unhooked. 1st wouldn't shift on its own until 4500rpm. Crazy shit.
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