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Thread: couple vortec questions

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    couple vortec questions

    i am getting vortec heads in a few days/ mabe 2 weeks. i wanna run prob. the XE274h cam by comp. i also wanna run hte rpm air gaqp intake. im wonderign first off if hta tsounds liek a good combo for my 327 with 2500 stall converter and 4.10 gears. i think it shoudl be pretyt healthy. my big concern is wether or not that air gap will fit under hte stock hood. also, i know ill need new valve springs. what kind should i get nad will the heads need machining for these new springs (please say no). id actualyl liek to go bigger ont eh cam maybe to the n ext step up wahtever that is it think around 500 lift but im nto sure on what id need to do withthe springs. i have self aligning rockers already and i got al the details worked out htis is just a few quetsions i had..

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    if im not mistaking yes u will have to machine the heads for a 500 lift on the springs. but its easy and u can do it yourself. the tools are really cheap from jegs or summit.
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    Comp makes LS1 style "beehive" springs that will support .500+ lifts and fit in the factory seats. I found this out about 2 days after I got my heads back from the machine shop (having the seats machined). If I had only read that article in Car Craft about 2 weeks earlier. :(

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