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Thread: keepin back seats

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    Couldnt you just move the seat forward, you would lose legroom but your not the one who has to deal with it

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    my seats are exactally where there were i didnt move anything i just the wheel wells out but not the part where the seats rest up against
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    Originally posted by Workin_on_it
    let me add my 2 cents to this...... I have a 95 gmc jimmy layin frame on 20 in kmc units and its 4 linked using a suicide doors 4 link and i still have my back seats in....
    did you have to cut out in the back for a notch or no? which link did u use? did u do a reverse link?

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    what about notching for the driveshaft? doesnt that effect the positioning of the seats?

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    that depends you can get away with triming over the driveshaft the cross supports, at least thats what u didi you really dont have to notch a tunnel unless you body droped

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