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Thread: IAS Cool Ride Question

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    IAS Cool Ride Question

    63-87 Chevy C10 (OEM shock mounts used) ARF11800 $471.60

    This is the kit under cool rides...

    Air suspension systems for coilspring vehicles

    Thats the part of the page you click in order to see what im seeing. I see the picture, but do all those parts come with the kit? Where can I get a more defined bit of information about the kit? Like are those 2600lb bags or better? If not, they wont raise my heavy ass c10... and ... it looks like it comes with brackets so besides a compressor, fittings, air line, and a tank, is this all i need to bag it?


    Edit - Is IAS a good source? Are they reliable?

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    Innovative air suspension is a very reliable place to order from. But im not sure of what kit you are talking about but it should come with bags, andbrackets. So you will need vavles, lines, a tank and compressor. Oh and some momentary toggle switches or a switch box

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    Larry (Innovative Air) is one of the best. I buy alot of parts from him, and he's been a great help to me.

    That kit is a complete front kit, bags ,brackets, shocks and relocators by AirRide Technologies. It's actually engineered for your truck, so I guarantee it'll pick your heavy ass c-10 up :) If I remember correctly, it does come with the 224c (2600)
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    That post would have made more sense if you would have just pissed all over the screen and posted a screen shot of that.

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    For more info, your best bet is to call me or email me. Yes the kit does come with 2600# firestone 224c bags. Althought the picture may not be of the exact kit. The kit comes with baqs, bag mounts, shocks, and all hardware.

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