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Thread: Something I was just wondering about!!!

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    Something I was just wondering about!!!

    I am in the process of finishing my Blazer project. Its been about a year in the works and is starting to finally come to a finishing point. My question. I have a 86 2WD Blazer. Pulled the 2.8 out dropped in a 78 Corvette 350. Engine has been bored, flat top pistons, etc.. Cranking about 320-330 horses. Also in my blazer is a 700r4 tranny. Blazer still has the stock rear end (a 254 or something like that). And the question, how well do these things actually perform and run. My town is full of these little rice rockets as I call then. You know the imports. Will these blazers burn these cars or not??? My custom tag says MPRTKLLR (Import Killer), would hate to have my butt handed to me by one of these 4 cylinder pieces. Also would a tune port setup off of a z28 be a nice addition or would it be wasted effort, time and money. Just wondering. Just a couple of crazy questions.

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    a smallblock in a blazer will make a pretty big difference.. and you said you put flat tops so that helps out on the compression and all.. what kinda heads are you using? if there stock then an upgrade will help you a LOT since the late 70s had horrible heads due to smog regulations..

    as for your rear.. becareful because there pretty weak for everyday driving youll be ok but if you start racing alot it could blow so keep that in mind..

    you shouldnt have a problem w/ too many imports but i dont know about where you live but around me theres quite a few hondas running in the mid to high 12s.. those will hand you your ass without a problem..

    finally.. TPI.. its nice.. and kool lookin in an s-series.. but you have to swap over the wiring harness.. along with the computer which can be a decent amount of work.. another major thing is it can be very hard to tune once its in your blaze.. so personally id stick with a carb its easier to tune and if later on you wanna upgrade cams and whatnot you dont have to worry about anything being compatable with the computer...

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    It all depends. If your towns just full of riced out civics and cavaliers, you won't have a problem. Now, those serious guys with tuner cars can build some power from them. Big thing is, those cars weigh next to nothing. My cousins big into tuners, and I know w the spray, his car would hand me my ass, as well as most of the trucks on this board. Not for long though, ;)

    I've seen blazers weigh in in a wide range. I think knudsonm's blazer was right around 3000, and I think RCV's in at 3800.

    Not doubting or putting you down, but if the motors putting down an honest 330 hp, the trucks gonna move pretty well. I know that a lot of guys claim big power, but from poor tuning or miss matched parts, fall way short.

    I"d guess the rears a 3:42 ratio. Decent all around ratio. With the 700, you could easily gow tih 3.73 or 4.10's and still be cool on the eway.

    Id imagine with good traction, it would be a mid-high 13 sec truck. Not a vette killer, but respectable.
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