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    Anyone heard anything about these ?
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    unless you mod your front suspension to lift that high it is pointless and will get the same lift as 2600..also if you do the rear...and place the bag cups on the 4-link bars and towards the front of the truck...then it would not be worth it either

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    you could use it in the back for stupid lift
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    Originally posted by 94flamds10blazr
    you could use it in the back for stupid lift
    Key word being STUPID.. if ur having a lift issue run a f9000 over or behind axle.. im setup to lay on 22's in the rear and have plenty of lift..

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    they look like those *universal air* air bags.. someone posted on here before that they got a set and didnt like them..

    what the hell is that band on the ends? is that all thats holding the bag onto the end caps? personally id choose stones or something else over them thats more lift then you need, any good installer can make a stone get the same amount of lift as that bag

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