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Thread: front end drop

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    front end drop

    i want to lower the front end of my gen. 1 blazer 3". what is the best way to do this? and what are some of the other options. i tried the torsion bar trick and it only gave me 2" so that won't work. thanks

    also, i put 3" blocks in the back, do i need to replace the shocks? if i do, what kind should i buy.
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    You can go with the torsion bar trick, just crack the adjuster bolt and that should give you rel close to a 3 inch drop like 2 7/8 or even a little more then 3.

    For the shocks you should go with nitro drop shocks they are top of the line!
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    You do NOT need new shocks when putting blocks in the back. If you don't want to buy the Belltech keys then you can remove the nut from the crossmember and put a plate on the bottom of it with a hole tapped in it for the bolt. You can either weld this plate to the crossmember or hang it using U bolts going up over the crossmember. When your ready to really lower the front like 7 inches and c notch the rear you can flip the factory keys up-side-down and put coil over shocks up front.

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