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Thread: high temp problem

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    Ok if you are losing coolant you will see it .... either on the ground or in your exhaust... look for white smoke.......
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    rule of thumb is that if it tastes sweet, you're in trouble; but I'm not going to encourage you to drink antifreeze as it WILL kill you. LOL...

    We had a 3 guys (15-17 years old) that found what they thought was a burried stash of wine a few years back (they were obviously the sharpest minds that Shelburn, IN had to offer) and after they had dug it up they consulted the local drunk with their findings... He advised them after tasting it that it was at least 30 year old permanent antifreeze and that it would kill them. Needless to say, they didn't listen and drank it. Two went into liver failure as Ethlyene Glycol basically turns into embalming fluid after reacting with the acid in your stomach. The third suffered much brain damage (which didn't make much of a difference in his personality one way or the other). All 3 lived and made the national news, boy were they proud. LOL

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