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Thread: Will 22"s fit?

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    Originally posted by FeTTo
    i respect that, but you dont have to say somethin negative about the truck like every 3 posts
    The only reason I keep saying stuff is because you guys keep questioning me. I said "the truck looks like shit" and it wouldve stopped at that but you guys keep asking "what dont you like" "why does it look like shit" I keep telling you why. Stop asking me and ill stop raggin on the truck.

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    lucky i do agree with what your saying about how you shouldnt care what others think because you do it for yourself.... maybe your just a blunt person but i like that and if my truck looked a little f'd up id be happy if you told me why. i like honesty. maybe people think your a dick but maybe they are offended by mear comments... insecurities?

    but as far as the jimmy goes.... it looks like you have a good amount of work into it but id have to agree with lucky about the rims..... im over the whole "rapper" look... it just seems so trendy now.
    nice truck... but ill pass on the rims.

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    I have 22's on my 1996 GMC Jimmy 4 door 2 wheel drive with a 4/4 drop and its fine, rubs a little when you turn lock to lock but you'll have that.
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    got any more pictures?

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