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Thread: a/c removal

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    a/c removal

    ok so i got an 88 s10 blazer 4.3 tbi with a/c. my ac doenst work anymore and i can live without it so i wanna rip it out...

    now my question is how do i re route the belts or do i need a new belt and such...

    also is there a new cover i can get for the blower that goes into the firewall so that it doesnt stick out so much where the ac component shit went.

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    This isnt very hard... However, you need to find an AC delete bracket. Its just a little pulley that bolts onto the ac bracket so you dont have to mess with the belt re route shit... Problem is finding one for the 4.3... Im sure someone makes one, and any ac delete bracket that works for a GM v8 will work on your v6 since the front of the motors are the same. Check and maybe ebay. Also, your ac has two hoses. youll see where they go, just make sure you cap the holes!

    hope that helps, drew
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    go to your nearest gm dealer and ask for a belt for a non a/c truck and the free spinning pulley. not expensive at all.

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    If all you need is the pully for the delete then you should be able to buy a plastic idler pully for a 2.8, 2.5, 4.3 S-10 at autozone. Particularly the 2.5 idler pully which will fit almost anywhere and is actually used on a 2.8 with AC in 2 places. All you need is GM's length on the belt or take a guess at it after you get it changed over and go to autozone do trial and error.

    I'm only saying all of this because add-on AC was common on our trucks. I've got an 89 ex-cab 4x4 4.3 with add-on AC and an 87 2.5 with add-on AC. Previously I had an 86 2.8 with the same add-on "Clardy" brand setup as the 2.5 and found that a stock 2.5 with AC belt was good for length. The belt(s) had to be measured every time I change them.
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