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Thread: tips on how to make your 4.3 engine compartment look cleaner

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    tips on how to make your 4.3 engine compartment look cleaner

    any tips ppl got? is there anything in there i can take out that i dont need? like hoses or anything, theres probably not but just asking....i look in my engine compartment and it looks so cludered so any tips on making it look cleaner? so far im going to put a chrome air cleaner in there, chrome valve covers, and take off the 2 hoses that go from the carb into the valve covers, and probably get a steel braded hose for the radiator...what else could i do to make it look better?

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    i would leave atleast one of those hoses (PCV valves) going to the carb... they help to suck out combustible fumes that can harm your engine :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
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    routing lines together then just being all over the place, try to keep wires inside wire looms, re route wires so that they are hidden, shorten things if necessary, clean off grease, try taking mothers billet and aluminm polish to any type of metal under the hood it will shine the shit outta it, paint little parts that could be rusted or just dull, ground wires that are all over the place try to move them to a better location so that they arent seen so much. LAST of all armoral the shit out the hoses and plastic pieces just dont armoral the belt!
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    On my V8 Blazer I unhooked the wiring harness then ran it under the brake booster instead of over it. Now the bulk of the harness is behind the motor so it's fairly hidden
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    you can take out your ac.... mine was junk
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    can i add the vortec to this 4.3 if it didnt come with one?
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    this is about the nicest 4.3L TBI ive seen
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