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Thread: '93 CPI problems

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    How does the truck idle? A couple of trucks I have worked on because they cut off at stop lights and whatnot. It turned out to be the IAC valve (Idle Air Control) gone bad. The only thing a whole lot different about those trucks from your's is all of those were older and had OBD I computer systems.
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    it tends to idle a little rough. if the hood is propped open, you can usually see it shaking a little bit.

    might want to add, it doesn't do it just at idle. i can be cruisin at 60mph, and the engine cuts out for a split second.

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    At this point instead of blindly throwing money for parts at your truck for nothing, why not just send it over to the dealership and let them diagnose it (then you buy and install the parts) It will end up being cheaper in the long rin
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    my rents got 00 astrovan, an it did that, cut out all the time just stopped an it got so bad as to where it wouldnt start for a few days at a time, but found it there is 2 wires coming off of the dist. an there is a a/c line above them that leaks water on it an it was leakin condensation on them wires causing it to fk all up :bigthumb:

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