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Thread: Hypertech programmer 2002 4.3l

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    Hypertech programmer 2002 4.3l

    Whats up people... I was wondering if anyone has used the Hypertech programmer to rechip their 2000 or newer 4.3l Blazer. I have heard you can get between 15-20 HP gains with it. Anybody with any insight on this would be a big help, because im not willing to drop $400.00 on it without some first hand info. I know you can remove the speed limiter, change your rev limiter, all while increasing fuel efficiency, but as far as HP gains im clueless. Thanks in advance

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    spend your money else where headers or somthing....dont waste it on the chip

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    I had a pp3 for my 96... I spent a pretty penny on it and it really didnt do a whole lot... I mean yah, i could feel it in 1st gear but man 400 bucks for that? Screw it...

    If you really want a performance gain, go with an MSD 6a ignition box, its 150 bucks... And get the blaster coil, and some new spark plug wires...

    Check what gear differential you are running in your rear... IF you have 3.08s like me, they are totally lagging you up... 3.73s will make you faster than hell..

    a 2 door 4x4, stock... Beat me lol... I had the msd, cold air intake, muffler and a TBS... the 4x4s have higher gears so yah... it won lol... You have those mods i have, and 3.73s, youll surpise more than one rice burner..
    You can get a whole axle at a salvage yard with 3.73s from an s10 truck with the 2.2... It will swap right in... Places around here want about 250 bucks for the whole axle...

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