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Thread: Question about Horsepower

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    Question about Horsepower

    Hey. when I had my flowmaster put on the guy that put it on took off my catylatic converter off. Do you know if that took any horse power off. And does anybody know how much horsepower a factory 1995 4.3 vortec has in it. thanx
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    depending on where you are not having a cat could prevent you fromreselling.

    Most people believe cats subtract horsepower

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    according to MSN autos we have 195 at not sure though if they tested the Z model or W model like i have. Look at ur vin code thought your windshield on the dash on the driver side and u'll see a long label with a long number on it...the 8th digit will either ha a Z or a W..z is a throttle body injection and a W is central multi-port fuel injection with is rumorder to have about 10 more hp. The cat will give u slightly more hp but dont expect to feel it. In my part of the woods we dont have emission testings and evidently since the shop would take ur cat off i would guess you dont have tests either (our shops wont take em off even though we dont have test). Which flowmasta' u get?...personally i gutted my cat b/c it began to rattle inside hope i helped
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    Originally posted by DJ Nitrous 427
    personally i gutted my cat b/c it began to rattle inside
    That cat would've been died for quite some time. Why did you gut your dead cat?
    Im2Drunk2C: well bro i gotta run, work time
    Im2Drunk2C: later
    B o I k 2 0: alright
    B o I k 2 0: before you go tho
    B o I k 2 0: I love you
    Im2Drunk2C: awwww
    Im2Drunk2C: <3

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    I gutted my friends cat with a cement drill bit or whatever those are...the long ass ones with the shovel lookin thing on the end...didnt take long
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    most places i've read said that the 95s have 200 horses...? not TOO large of a difference than 195, but it sure as hell sounds a lot better ;)

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