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Thread: idea about 2nd gen roll pan

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    idea about 2nd gen roll pan

    yeah i nkow the alternatives about getting a floush roll pan on a 2nd gen blazer, but my idea is, my bubble but rearend plastic piece thing is bolt on, what if i were to cut the rear part of an s10 on there, but instaed of welding it in place i cut extra off so that i could curve it and make the bolt holes the same as my blazer now, so i could create a bolt on roll pan kinda, i do see the rolling the corner would cause a problem but its workable, let me know what you think, where would i find a good donor truck at, im in
    so-cal, so if some one could give me a pin point, i would love it thanks
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    all i can say is it should work. there is no end to the amount of ways to fix the friggin horns, so here is another viable one

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