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Thread: MAX towing weight for 1999 2dr 4wd v6 4.3L BLAZER

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    MAX towing weight for 1999 2dr 4wd v6 4.3L BLAZER

    alright i'm a huge snowmobile fanatic... and i want to know max towing for my blazer...

    i want to buy a 4 place trailer (not enclosed)

    total weight would be like 2200 lbs with 4 sleds on there i would put a break kit on the trailer so i'm not worried about that... its all about the towing... i would only pull it more than 100 miles maybe 4 times a winter...



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    I remember reading somewhere that you could tow about 5k lb with a blazer. Not sure if it meant with a hitch or on a bumper though.

    Im pretty sure you can tow 2500 without any problems either on a bumper or with hitch.

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    a Blazer with a 4.3 will tow 2200lbs without trouble.. be sure you get a professonally installed hitch though.. shotty hitches.. they break off and cause a wreck.. and your up shit creek.

    The max towing weight of the 4.3 is 3700lbs. with a 300lb tongue weight... (depends on your tow package class though) .. most generally.. for a quick reference.. most SUVs and trucks can tow themselves.. on a full trailer..

    make sure your rear shocks are in excellent condition.. because a trailer will drop the rear end....also you might want to look at a stabilizer... depending on how wide your trailer is... it will help in lean... when cornering.

    when I towed with mine... i put off road shocks under it so.. it did away with rear end sag..

    with brakes on the trailer should make it easier on you.. just be mindful of other drivers.. and be careful..

    oh and one more thing.. never ever... tow on your bumper.. it will rip off in a heart beat.. not to metion.. buckle.. etc. always use a tow package ..

    Blazin with a tow package... cause face it.. at some point a BL member will need to be pulled off a speed bump...

    "A man in a Nissan Titan told me Blazers have no power, he wasn't laughing when I ripped the front end off his truck..."

    i love you, maegan alwys.

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