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Thread: best sounding muffler on a 2nd gen..

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    Question best sounding muffler on a 2nd gen..

    i guess that question is open for opinion... but i basically want to get as deep sounding as i can on a stock 4.3.
    I naturally was thinking about getting a flowmaster, but im sure there are other quality mufflers out there that sound just as good, for less of a price... what about other brands like magnaflo, flopro or dynamax? Anyone have any experience with those?

    And how noticeable is the difference between a single and duel out muffler? Like, aside from looking better with duel pipes, without actually having true duel exhaust, does it really sound alot better?

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    I've had both a dual out & a single out flowmaster on mine before. I currently have the single out installed. I liked the dual better, but then again the exhaust tips were bigger too. As for the other mufflers, I'm not sure. I was going to go with Magnaflow before I got my Flowmasters. I've heard good things about those too, but never actually heard one on a 4.3.

    And just in case you're wondering why I got rid of the dual out, the person who installed it did a shitty instal & all the welds kept breaking plus we had to keep our spare in the back instead of under the truck.

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