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Thread: This ones is for SlimGu3 (topic: Airbags)

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    This ones is for SlimGu3 (topic: Airbags)

    Hey Slim or anybody else
    i just saw a bad as* silverado truck with airbags it was all custom
    orange all over and the dude lower his truck in front of me making this
    unforgettable "shhhhh" noise when he dropped it. it was fast, (the drop) almost looking like Hydraulics, but that noise, ummm God

    i want AIRBAGS NOW :D
    But i don't want that hole thing of front, back and side to side
    i just want my truck going up and down at the 4 corners at the same time
    wich kit would you recommend me to do that :confused:

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    You have 2wd right? If so, you can get bag kits that are almost all bolt-up from AIM or Air Ride Tech. Since you just want pancake up/down you will probably just need 1/4" air line, a 2 gallon tank, and 1 MIC MIC Single Guage Controller.
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