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Thread: 16 new to the site and building my 1st motor a 3.8 turbo/N2O

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    16 new to the site and building my 1st motor a 3.8 turbo/N2O

    hello my name is jeff im 16 and im working on rebuild my 1st motor. It for my 86 s10 pick up. The motor i got is a 3.8 witch was rebuilt about 30000 miles befor i got it by my unckel, and when i got it i put a new oil pump and lifters and stock cam because all the cams i fount had to big of a lift but here are some pics of what i done.

    im going to put a turbo or nos on it maybe both if money will let me

    my heads will get work latter befor motor gets the turbo

    oil pump on

    new gaskets and stuff

    new lifters

    the intake i got for free but im not useing it i dont thank but does any one know were i can run a intake part number to see what motor it came off of

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    WHat kinda boost and size shot are your running. I would suggest a low compression fordge pistin. And gap the rings for it.
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