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Thread: not body lines but seems

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    thats the ghetto way of doing shit, man. come on now. you should never use bondo for doing things like that. who cares what the can says. i guess you could do it if you really wanted to and didnt have any money and didnt give a shit about the truck.
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    welding is always the best way to go, however with the depth of the top body seams you can get away with fiber glass, but you have to prep it right.
    My blazers seems were done that way 6 months ago no cracks, and my old blazer was done that way on the upper seam and body was prepped right now 4 years later.....they still havent cracked. Its all about how you prep, then you pretty much have to use fiberglass first and then bottom of the line "bondo" brands either.....spend the money on the right stuff and you will love the results.:bigthumb:
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    i weld everything , even the tinyest holes , i shaved my roof rack (welded all 33 holes), antena,tailgate latch,front bumper, upper body seems, elbems,wipercowl , i welded it all:bigthumb: just smoothed it out with a little bondo, they have this new stuff that you can glue on new body panels or door handle fillers etc , that shit works great to , i see it at my buddys body shop , they dont weld in replacment panels much anymore, i guess its the new thing
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    Keep it on-topic from now on.

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