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    w00t first post.

    hello all. I am currently looking at the small, 2 door SUVs on the market. Mainly the Cherokee, the Bronco2, and the Blazer/Jimmy. What I would want to do is chop the roof off of what ever truck I buy. That eliminated the Jeep, my dad has one, and for some reason, AMC/Chrysler decided to make it unibody :bang: , so that's out.

    Now its down to the B2 or the Jimmy. Does anyone have any pictures of a convertible blazer/jimmy? and by convertible, i mean in the style of the Original K5 Blazers, where the complete roof came off, not like the later K5's when just the cap came off.

    The idea seems ok until I try to figure out the doors. If I cut the frame to the door windows off and weld them to the top, and cut the outer weather stripping off, it should work fine, correct?

    Any help would be appreciated. If none, then more of a challenge for me.

    edit: I will be working on a 1st gen

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    if you are trying to make it so you can put the top back on.. DONT BOTHER.. it will leak.. dosent matter what kit.. or however *custom* way you think you will seal it up.. it will leak sooner or later.. so dont bother..

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    best i can do is this one from v c
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