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Thread: traction question for you v8 guys

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    Originally posted by vader
    No love for the pinion snubber Slow?

    where am i gonna mount it? the fuel tank? the thin bed floor? lol its a good idea but i dont really have anywhere to do it..

    Negative Camber

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    You'll need all the parts for the 3rd shock. The frame bracket, axle bracket, dampner, hardware, etc.

    I believe SSF has a complete parts list.

    Pretty much only place your gonna find one is the dealership, or rob one from a ZQ8 truck.

    My 8.5" has the mount and dampner on it, I ordered the frame bracket from Usually a lot cheaper than the dealer.
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    Here are the part numbers:
    22064821 Dampner (Shock) (1)
    15997356 Axle bracket (1)
    15697709 Axle clamp (1)
    15152683 Axle U-bolt (1)
    11514598 Nut (2) for U-bolt
    15988458 bolt (1) through shock eye
    11516073 Nut (1) for above bolt
    15672933 Nut (1) for stud through shock eye
    15981396 Washer (1) for above nut
    15996718 Frame bracket (1)
    11516328 Bolt (4) bracket to frame
    15672911 Nut (4) for above nuts
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