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Thread: typhoon turbo or 350?

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    Question typhoon turbo or 350?

    i own a 2.8 1988 blazer and am about to trade for a 2.8 S10, i was hearing about turbo 4.3 motors, what do you think would be the faster motor of the two? which would be a more economical swap? i live in ontario canada and i'm not too sure if there are too many syclones or typhoons, please advise. thanks. any ontario people email me. Toronto people email me if interested in street racing. or check our site thanks. i want to smoke those hondas!!!!

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    the typhoon motor would smoke a 350 anyday of the week unless you got nos or a blower..well maybe if you have nos and blower but good luck finding a typhoon motor! you can even find one in the states but if you do find one go for it can't hurt to be faster then everyone else!!!:D

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